David Fels is a manufacturing jeweller with over 40 years’ experience in designing specialty pieces for his customers.

About us

The friendly team at David Fels Jeweller offer spectacular service providing professional advice in creating your most treasured jewellery. We work with our clients to understand their personality and style. Jewellery is a personal statement which tells your story and provides a link to past and future treasured moments.

You can also select future family heirlooms, lovely gifts and beautiful individual pieces to add to your jewellery collection in a relaxed and friendly environment.

We specialise in high quality products including diamonds, gold and silver jewellery.

Our goal is to be our client’s personal jeweller, not just a place to buy jewellery.


Custom jewellery

Offer professional and friendly advice for all your jewellery requirements


Manufacture, repair and remodel jewellery in store

Other Service

Full valuation service, including after loss insurance claims


The decision to invest in a diamond is a significant and emotional one, so it’s vital to get it right. Consequently we recommend that you do your research before you commit to spending your hard earned money. To make your journey enjoyable and hassle free we offer consultations to assist in the decision making process and ensure that you gain exceptional value and knowledge.

How much you spend on a diamond is very much up to you but the important thing to remember is that unlike a wedding dress, a diamond engagement ring is worn most days of your life so you would be wise to choose something that will continue to give pleasure year after year since a diamond is forever.

recycled gold

In the current environment where we are all trying to be conservation minded, gold and precious metals generally are an ideal product to recover and recycle. The fundamental value makes it very worthwhile as opposed to the huge environmental and financial cost to mine these products from the earth. 

Frequently, in locations where gold deposits are being exploited, chemicals such as mercury and cyanide are used, rivers are dammed up and forests are felled. To extract only 10 grams of gold huge excavation and conveyor systems must refine up to 5 tonnes of ore using huge amounts of energy. All these requirements make gold prospecting a burden on the environment and are very good arguments for the recovery of old gold by re-melting it in intensive recycling. In this way gold can be recovered with far less damage to the environment.

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There are few special objects in life that are more meaningful than jewellery and now it’s easier than ever to keep its sentimental value while adding your own special touch. Almost every woman has memories linked to a piece of jewellery. In fact it’s possible that...

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Jewellery is precious and very often sentimental so it pays to look after it properly. Here’s how to keep yours looking it’s best. Diamonds.Because diamonds can scratch other jewellery (even other diamonds) it’s best to keep your diamond jewellery in a fabric lined...

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A name you can trust

A name you can trust

The jewellery business is all about trust and is an industry where many deals are done with the shake of hands and don’t involve contracts and the like. David Fels started learning how to make jewellery before he left school in this context, working for local...

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