Here at David Fels Jewellers we love making bespoke or custom-made rings and jewellery for clients
that reflects their personality and honours the occasion that the jewellery is celebrating. This can be
accomplished by re-designing older jewellery items that you no longer enjoy wearing or creating
new pieces.
The process begins with a discussion to ascertain the colours and style being sought, we listen to
your needs and then combine them with the practicalities of making jewellery to ensure you get the
result you are looking for. We use a combination of new technology and traditional craftsmanship to
refine the style and look, using visual aids such as sketches and CAD designs to progress to the point
where the client is completely happy with the design which is then created in our workshop.
When it comes to selecting your gemstones, we have an extensive network of suppliers and can
offer you the best quality and value diamond or coloured gemstone options for your budget. This
aspect of your purchase is usually where most of your budget is spent, and you can be confident that
our knowledge and abilities ensure that the value we can offer is unmatched.
We understand that commissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery can be quite daunting, so offer a
Personal Service that Guarantees your satisfaction when creating a special piece of jewellery for you.
One aspect of this is to keep you fully informed to make it as stress free as possible. It is important to
us that you know exactly what is taking place and why.
An alternative option is to alter or re-purpose an existing item. This is ideal where an alteration or
addition will give you what you want while at the same time retaining the sentiment embodied
within the original jewellery, whether it is an heirloom that has been handed down through the
family or reflects an occasion it was originally purchased for. This could also be achieved by re-using
some or all of the gemstones in a new design.
David Fels is a Manufacturing Jeweller with over 45 years’ experience in the Design and Manufacture
of jewellery and seeing the client’s reaction when you show them a piece of jewellery that fulfils or
exceeds their expectations is still one of the most rewarding aspects of the business.
If you would like to discuss the possibilities for your jewellery requirements, give us a call or come
into the store and we can provide you with the information you require to make an informed

remodeling & Repair

Talk to us today about your jewellery repairs and remodeling. We have a manufacturing jewellery workshop on site and can give you professional advice on any questions you may have about your jewellery.

Other services

Manufacture, repair, and remodel jewellery in store
Free quotes for all your jewellery repairs
Service all major watch brands, plus fit your watch batteries in store
Full valuation service, including after loss insurance claims
Engraving and rethreading
Offer flexible payment options
Offer professional and friendly advice for all your jewellery requirements