Our Story


The jewellery business is all about trust and is an industry where many deals are done with the shake of hands and don’t involve contracts and the like. David Fels started learning how to make jewellery before he left school in this context, working for local manufacturing jeweller John Taylor upstairs in Rice’s Mall. He quickly learned that you are only as good as your word and has supported that philosophy throughout his life.

The integrity of his business is his most valuable asset, and finds it difficult to imagine doing business in an environment where trust wasn’t valued asking the question would clients be able to leave their precious jewellery and heirlooms to be repaired and maintained if they were concerned about their care and protection.

David Fels Jewellers is a “full service” business that has been operating in Howick for over thirty years, firstly in Howickville Mall (now The Terraces), and moved to the main street in 1999. There have been many changes in the area over that time but his commitment to offering great service to clients and their jewellery has been unwavering, and they are seeing the second and third generations of the clients that they started with many years ago.


The decision to invest in a diamond is a significant and emotional one, so it’s vital to get it right. Consequently we recommend that you do your research before you commit to spending your hard earned money. To make your journey enjoyable and hassle free we offer consultations to assist in the decision making process and ensure that you gain exceptional value and knowledge.

How much you spend on a diamond is very much up to you but the important thing to remember is that unlike a wedding dress, a diamond engagement ring is worn most days of your life so you would be wise to choose something that will continue to give pleasure year after year since a diamond is forever.

During our consultations we will help you choose the right diamond for you and your budget. To determine a diamond’s quality and worth you begin with the 4 C’s: Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat weight. These are the traditional considerations when looking at diamonds, however, we would like to offer a fifth C and that is for the CONFIDENCE to know are getting the best value.

Diamonds have the capability of producing more brilliance than any other gemstone, we appreciate that empowering you with the knowledge to understand why is the key to helping you choose your perfect diamond.

recycled gold

In the current environment where we are all trying to be conservation minded, gold and precious metals generally are an ideal product to recover and recycle. The fundamental value makes it very worthwhile as opposed to the huge environmental and financial cost to mine these products from the earth. 

Frequently, in locations where gold deposits are being exploited, chemicals such as mercury and cyanide are used, rivers are dammed up and forests are felled. To extract only 10 grams of gold huge excavation and conveyor systems must refine up to 5 tonnes of ore using huge amounts of energy. All these requirements make gold prospecting a burden on the environment and are very good arguments for the recovery of old gold by re-melting it in intensive recycling. In this way gold can be recovered with far less damage to the environment.

In addition to simply recycling jewellery, many other industrial products such as mobile phones, electrical circuit boards, tooth fillings or dental work, computers, electrical wiring and some car parts have componentry made from precious metals including gold, silver, copper and platinum which can be recovered.

Extraction of precious metals from these products can only be done in specialised laboratories or refineries, but due to the currently high price of gold the process is not only lucrative but worthwhile for many reasons.

An interesting thought is that the bulk of the gold that has ever been mined actually still exists, it doesn’t get consumed in the same way that products such as food and other consumer items get used up and disposed of in their normal life cycle.

If you have any gold jewellery that you no longer wear or is broken, we would be delighted to purchase it from you and send it to the local refiners for recycling.