There are few special objects in life that are more meaningful than jewellery and now it’s easier than ever to keep its sentimental value while adding your own special touch. Almost every woman has memories linked to a piece of jewellery. In fact it’s possible that this connection between emotion and material objects has its roots in jewellery: one of the oldest personal objects ever found was a necklace dating back 100,000 years.

But that’s not to say that you won’t sometimes feel like breathing new life into your special pieces. Don’t you ever wish you could turn that collection of old, damaged or inherited gold pieces that you don’t or can’t wear and remake them in to something new that you will love?

Old gold can be melted down and refined to make wedding rings, bangles, or other jewellery, and can also include gemstones from those items if desired. New gemstones can also be added to give the new piece extra sparkle or colour. A popular choice is to purchase a brand new centre stone then decorate it using existing stones, or simply add one or two small diamonds to enhance the design. The opportunity here is to add value and create a new piece of jewellery that has elements from your treasured piece and in so doing retain the memories and value that it holds.

Jewellery remodelling is an incredibly satisfying process for both parties. Clients are often amazed at the options, and it’s an entirely different experience from simply purchasing new jewellery – it’s the best of both worlds. The smile on client’s faces when they see the results is one of the most rewarding aspects of my business.

We are also licensed for outright purchasing of gold and precious metals if you simply no longer require the item due to its age, style, or condition. Due to the high and increasingly higher price of gold this option is very popular and can be an attractive way to finance other purchases and activities.